I am thirty-five years old, I live in San Vendemiano (TV), Conegliano’s little sister, I have a Master degree in Law and several years of professional experience in the legal field. These years have given me a lot, but they have also taken away a lot.

As long as I can remember, I have loved travelling. I spent my childhood and the school breaks in Germany, I studied six months in Spain and I lived a year in New Zealand.

Since I was a child, I have loved reading, mainly novels (with the exception of fantasy), autobiographies or biographies and essays.

I have always loved playing sports, in particular swimming.

In 2016 I got married and in 2017 I gave birth to my little girl.

To preserve my and my family’s psychophysical health, in 2018 I decided to abandon my safe job, with a permanent contract of employment to dive into new adventures.

So, with two colleagues and friends, I founded the “Laboratorio del diritto”, a project that aims to offer free support to the community for simple and common legal issues.

In addition to this I have started contributing to QualBuonVento, a local magazine that wants to give positive news and introduce the readers to the less controversial and discussed part of reality. If you click on here, you can find some of the articles I wrote for them.

Eventually, having realised how much beauty, in naturalistic, landscape historical and culinary terms, offers the territory where I was born and where I grew up, I decided to open this blog. The main goal, but non the only one, is to discover with you all this beauty and to tempt you to come and visit me.

If you want to write me for any reason, this is my email address: write@homeprints.it.

Irene Rosolen