Tell me what’s your sport and I’ll organize a training session for you in Conegliano

Are you a sportsman or a sportswoman and can’t you give up doing sport even on holiday?

Are you in Conegliano on a business and do you want to turn your free time into a training session?

Do you hate loosing time finding out where, when and how you can have your training session in a place you do not know?

Do you need one or more partners or team-mates for your training?

Then I can help you!

What is it?
When you are away from home on a business trip or on a leisure trip, training becomes often difficult. The reason is not the lack of time or will, but it is the territory you do not know.

For example, a tennis player finds it difficult to find a partner. Who likes running or cycling can not easily find the right route for him/her and for his/her needs. The swimmers have to spend a lot of time finding out where the nearest swimming-pool is, what the opening times are and how to get there. On top of all that, most of the times, sport centres, courts, fields and gyms in Conegliano or its surroundings can not be reached with public transportation or by foot.

This service solves all these issues.

How does it work?
It is really straightforward. You send me an email, telling me which sport you play and giving me some useful information: how long have you been doing your sport for? What is your level? How often do you exercise? How old are you? Do you need sports equipment or do you have yours? If you have any particular need or any other useful information, please, let me know

I will arrange your training session: sport facility reservation, pick-up and drop-off service, sporting event or race enrolment procedure or training partner research.

For example, if you are a tennis player, I will find a partner who can play with you, I will book the tennis court on your behalf, I will pick you up and drop you off and, if you need it, I will rent you out a racket.

How much does it cost?
It costs 5,00 per person and per training session.

The price includes:
– the research of a training partner or group:
– pick-up and drop-off service if in the range of 15 km from Conegliano;
– sport facilities, courts, fields, gyms, courses reservation;
– sport event or sport race enrolment procedure;
– sport equipment research.

The price does NOT include:
– pick-up and drop-off service if further of 15 km from Conegliano (in this case a rate will be applied);
– tickets/costs to access to sport facilities, courts, fields, gyms, courses;
– tickets/enrolment costs to take part to sport events or races;
– sport equipment rental costs.

How can I book?
To book the experience or get more information, write at


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