Friday, open-air market day

Those who live in and around Conegliano associate the fifth day of the week with the open-air market. Friday and the open air-market have always been going hand in hand.

For some, this combination is synonymous with hell: the road network of the city centre is modified and every movement is visibly slowed down. For others, like me, it evokes sweet memories.

When I was a child, during the school holidays, on Friday morning my mother and I had our standing date with the open-air market of Conegliano. I was looking forward to this day: I don’t know why, but at the time going to the market made me feel adult. In addition, my mother exceptionally allowed me to have breakfast with croissants and juice at one of the city cafes. Finally, in the middle of the morning, we used to meet with my best friend and her mother. While our mothers walked side by side and chatted quietly, we followed them, talking excitedly and putting on airs, as if we were divas walking in the main street of an European big city. If I look back on those moments, I feel a great tenderness for myself and a bit of nostalgia.

The open-air market in Conegliano has nothing special; however, it is made up of a good number of stalls and it is well organized. In fact, the stalls are not just gathered on a square, but are distributed on the main streets of the city and on a square: Via XX Settembre (the historic center), Via Carducci, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, Via C. Colombo and Piazza Calvi. This allows you to take a pleasant walk, from stall to stall, through the streets of the centre of Conegliano. You are constantly struck by the loud voices of the traders who, in local dialect, advertise their goods and try to drawn attention. In addition, you are flooded with any kind of scents and smells: lavender, cheese, raw fish, fried fish, roast chicken, flowers.

Those who have the opportunity to spend a few days over Friday in Conegliano have to take a stroll through the streets of the centre and stick their noise between a stall and the other.

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